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We did a lot of payasams during August. So for my son's birthday I wanted to do something different yet easy. Especially after the spiderman cake I did for A~'s school, I wanted something easy and quick. Added to that, V~ who is six months old has wheat allergy. So, I cannot have wheat based dishes until I stop nursing. The dish had to be non-wheat based, easy and quick. That is how I decided on Phirni.

Phirni is a specialty dish from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. I have done this a really long time back. But my son has never had it. So I did not know if he would like it or not. He generally does not like anything sticky or liquid. I knew he would like it if he tried but they he has to right? Anyway, I went ahead and made it. As expected he said he did not want it, the moment he saw a mushy dish. But after some cajoling and bribing, we got him to eat one spoon and he said it was good and finished of the phirni I had got for him. The rest of the folks at home like it as well.


Milk - 3 cups (I used whole milk)
Raw rice - 4-5 TBSP
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Saffron - 3-4 strands
Cardomon - 3-4 powdered
Almonds - ground coarsely for garnishing


* Soak raw rice in water for 1 hour
* Grind it into a smooth paste
* Boil milk and once it starts to boil, add the rice paste and stir well. Keep stirring to avoid forming lumps.
* Cook until the rice is cooked completely.
* Add sugar, saffron, cardomom and cook for somemore time. The milk should reduce to half and the phirni should thicken.
* Transfer to the serving bowl and garnish with almonds.
* Let it sit in the refrigerator and serve it chilled. Or if you are like me and cannot wait, eat it immediately

This is a basic phirni. You can do your own variations by adding mango(mango phirni), gulkandh(gulabi phirni), almond paste (almond phirni)
Add the almonds, the portion of phirni I had along with the almonds tasted yum. Did you notice the nuts on the right side have vanished? How long can I keep taking pictures without eating??? It was hard to resist
Though I have not tried it myself, I think this dish would come out well in a microwave as well.

Sending this to Diwali sweets and savories hosted at Tickling Palettes


  1. yummy phirni..would love to have a bowl !!

  2. Creamy and delicious dessert..yummy

  3. creamy n yummy phirni....liked it!!

  4. Creamy and delicious dessert..yummy

  5. Simple and easy dessert. Looks very creamy...

  6. I love phirni and this looks really tempting and yummy.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Love this Phirni! I was just looking at some easy Phirni recipe to make for Navratri. This ones sure looks good!

    Kavi |
    Edible Entertainment

  8. The phirni is smooth and creamy! I'd love to have a spoonful!

  9. This silky smooth phirni is totally to die for,haven't made it in ages and your pics are making me crave for some big time! :)

  10. Such a delicious and creamy treat!

  11. First time here and loved ur blog ... delicious dessert ... following u on google followers .....

  12. yuumy desert...totally droolworthy..:)

  13. I usually just nuke (microwave) my jalebi if it is in fridge or something. Works great. But, if you are making jalebi, I would suggest you also look into this recipe as I really like how they came,

  14. yummy dessert.. Reg ur query related to okra pachadi, we add only few spoons of juice; it gets absorbed soon; its sliminess goes off and gets cooked faster.. This is a stir fry not gravy..

  15. Plz stop by my blog as 3 awards r waiting for

  16. Regarding the shelf life of the biscuits is about 2 weeks but mine disappeared before that...

  17. I love phirni. This looks delicious dear.

  18. Phirni is new to me, sounds so delicious,lovely recipe..


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