Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milk Burfi | Ricotta Cheese Burfi | Easy Kalakand

Do you like cooking dishes that involve less number of Ingredients? I do. Do you like cooking one pot dishes? I do. Clean up work is a breeze and I love that. This dish that I am posting today is one such dish. For lot of dishes, there is a traditional way of doing dishes and then there is the quick easy method. There is no denying that traditional method, though a laborious method does end up in a tasty delicious dish. But we often do not find time to do it that way and resort to short-cuts.

This dish involves just two main ingredients. Can you beat that?

Ricotta Cheese 15oz tub
Condensed milk - 12oz can
Rose water - 1 tbsp
Butter - 2 TBSP
Cardomom powder - 1/4 tsp
Pistachio - powdered coarsely
ghee to grease the plate


* Melt butter in a heavy bottom pan.
* Add ricotta cheese and stir.
* Add condensed milk and keep stirring

* The mixture will begin to thicken.
* Add cardomom, rose water and give it a stir.
* It took me 20-25 mts for the mixture to thicken and reach the desired consistency.
* Grease a plate with ghee and pour the mixture on the plate.

* Decorate with powdered pistachios and refrigerate for atleast 2 hrs

* Cut to desired shape and serve

* This yields around 16 pieces.
* Refrigerate the remaining pieces, and before you use, leave it out a little bit to come to room temperature. It tastes good even if you eat it straight out of the refrigerator but it is not very soft.
* It tastes good even without the pistachios.

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  1. Looks so perfect and delicious. Gr8 job!

  2. This looks so sweet and delicious!

  3. I am like you, love easy peasy things, great recipe and yes, just 2 main ingredients, you are welcome then :)

  4. Aarthi, this is my favorite! Yum!
    Pictures attached are too good..

  5. Wonderful post..would definitely try this..I also make a similar stuff but with milk powder , sugar and ricotta cheese..Nice blog you have..will definitely visit again..

  6. nicely done burfi..looks delicious..:)

  7. Milk Burfi looks absolutely delicious... I am gonna try this for sure :-)
    You have a very nice blog, thanks for dropping by my space.

  8. Even the local halwai would be threatened looking at that! They look so neat, decadent!

  9. Hey A small compliment is waiting for you at my blog. Plz do collect it.

  10. Thanks for dropping by! I love kalakand and mostly make it in mw..very lovely looking kalakand!

  11. That is a wonderful recipe!Sinful!

  12. It really looks delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe. I already saved it to my favorite recipes box.

  13. Dear MMCC. I am so glad u came into my blog. I got a chance to see this lovely yummy burfis. You have got a nice blog coming up. Keep up the good work!! Glad to follow u too :-)


  14. flavourful delicious looking burfis thank you following you too
    regards Akheela

  15. wow, mouthwatering burfis..i can't resist these :)..Thanx for stopping at my space, glad to follow u:)

  16. Looks fabulous and simply mouthwatering sweet. Nice presentation..luv it..

  17. Kalakand is a perennial favourite for me anytime...this one just looks so easy to make and mouth-watering....you have a lovely blog out here.

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  19. This is my very fav and i am simply drooling seeing the pictures.


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